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02 May 2012

Quick & Easy Torrent Search Links on IMDb Movie Pages

As you all know IMDb (Internet Movie Data-Base) is the best online movie reviewing website, so any movie released or going to be released is right their indexed on IMDb, so many people love to download these movies using torrent support so now every movie page has some good torrent links which when clicked will tale you to downloading torrent page from you can download that torrent.

imdb think like a man

So as you can see you have links highlighted in Red border, so main torrent engines are available from which you can download that particular movie. There is a script called IMDb Torrent Search created by AaronHarun which when installed will show you all the links like in the image above. Well this script can be directly installed in Chrome browser but if you are on Firefox you need to have Greasemonkey installed.

Install Easy IMDb Torrent Search extension and than just navigate to any movie page on IMDb you will all the torrent links like in the above image just click on any one of them and you can download your torrent from that website.