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17 March 2012

Create your own Images as Emoticons for Facebook Chat

Facebook-Image-EmoticonsEarlier we posted some awesome Mr. Bean and Jack Sparrow emoticons code for Facebook chat delivered to our inbox by Shiva Singh and today he again told us how those images can be created using a simple online website called “Smileyti.me”. Now it’s a simple image uploading and emoticon conversion website which will simply create some different codes for your images when they are complied together you get your image drawn right in front of your eyes.

So now we have a created a Gif image for helping you out in uploading your image and using that website below so now just follow below steps and have fun creating your own funny images.


How to Create your own Image Emoticons using Smileyti.me :

1. Just visit there website http://smileyti.me/

2. Now you will see page asking you to choose your image and than entering that irritating captcha you can follow below .gif image we created uploading our default website logo.


3. Now after you upload your image you will get your code like below.


4. Now that’s your final code, just copy this code and paste it in your Facebook chat and you will see your image rendering simply perfect.

Have fun and I hope you enjoyed this amazing article by HackingUniversity with support of Shiva Singh, once again thanks to him for this amazing website.