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11 March 2012

How to Show Only Online Friends in Facebook Chat

Facebook chat usually shows all the contacts we usually chat with so either they are online or offline they are displayed all together so sometimes it looks really crappy we have to scroll up and down to find our friend if he is online so that we can chat with him but now we found an amazing Chrome extension which can automatically get rid of all those offline contacts.

Facebook Chat Fix Chrome Extension :

Does your job really easily without even making you to click something, so after installing when ever you will visit Facebook and check out your chat sidebar you will see only online contacts and offline contacts will not be displayed like in the image below.


Installing Facebook Chat Fix Chrome Extension :

So if you also wanted to get rid of all those offline contact than you install Facebook Chat Fix chrome extension, this extension does not have any icons or anything so you will not see anything change after its installed but you just have to visit Facebook and see the magic of this extension because now you will chat without any crappy friends.