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08 May 2012

Create RSS Feed Extension of your Website for all Browsers

extension-factoryNow you can share your websites content with all your readers using your own personal extension for all browsers which will revolve all your updates on the go right on the browsers status bar. Example is displayed on the right as I just created extension for my websites feed and you can see how all my posts are displayed according to their posted status.

So if you also want to share your content using this extension method, than you can check out full steps provided below on how its done.

Creating Browser Extension using Extension Factory :

1. Just visit builder.extensionfactory.com and Enter your Domain Name in the provided field.

2. Now just click on Create Extension and than your extension will be created.extension-factory-extension

3. Now you will get a code that you have to insert in your website so that every person who visits your website will see a slide bar sliding from top and asking them to install that extension in their browser.

4. Now you also have options to modify your button which will be displayed to your visitors, you can choose to keep a button or go with a Text Link.

5. Copy the created code and than visit your website, if you are on Blogger, just sign in and than navigate to Template > Edit HTML.

6. Now just search for </body> tag and than paste the copied code right above it and click on Save Template.

7. Now just refresh your website and test your extension, now you will notice that as soon as you slide your website down a slider bar comes out from top with a Add option, now when your readers will click on that option they will asked to install a extension which will syndicate all the content from  your website to their status bar.

Enjoy sharing your content all over the browsers, hope you liked this post have fun and enjoy, make sure to share this post will all your friends.