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07 June 2012

Don’t Loose Important Updates on Facebook with MyStatusBar

Facebook addiction can be like sitting and spending a lot of hours on this social networking website and interacting with all your friends, sending them messages sharing your photos your memories and everything than comes the main thing that’s comments notifications that x person liked your image and than you have to respond him so every time sitting on facebook is not likely to be a good habit and obviously you cannot spend your whole time on facebook as you have to do your other work.

Now at this time comes the role of another good extension for chrome known as "MyStatusBar" that claims itself as the best extension for facebook arrived till now in the chrome extension store. MyStatusBar is a kind of sticky bar which will move and stay where it is what so ever you are doing on any webpage.

facebook my status bar chrome extension

So you can see the demo of that extension working right in the above image which I just captured using that extension with my facebook account. Now this extension delivers notifications, messages and gives you a search options, so anytime you got any person in your mind whom you wanna search on facebook than you can do it right from any webpage that too easily.

Six Pros for MyStatusBar :

  1. Enjoying Facebook experience while browsing other websites.
  2. Its not a big bulky software which you need to install its just a small extension.
  3. If friends upload images or update status you will get notice for that one.
  4. Packed with many practical functions for making your experience much more fun.
  5. You can easily reply to your messages and other notifications.
  6. Its available for free so no worries for the money :)