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09 January 2013

Free Email Address Verifier Tool for Checking Fake Mailboxes

Everyday we receive a lot of emails with content asking us to verify something and or maybe replying with some credentials, we all have some basic knowledge on how to save ourselves from these emails and how to be protected but still if you think that some email is really useful and you really need to reply than an online tool for verifying its really identity is really helpful. Free online email address verifier can easily access that email by connecting to its mail server and checking if that email is really live.

So now if its connects to it easily it will automatically show some good logs and you can easily respond to that email or perform any action.


So now as soon as you visit their website you can scroll down and you will see something like in the above screenshot, where it asks to enter your email address so that it can connect to it and verify that it is fake or real.


So after it has verified it will show you notification like above that email is valid and can be accessed easily plus it will also show a good log for what type of connection it managed to access and what it has got something like below.

MX record about exists.
Connection succeeded to SMTP.
220 ESMTP n5si167752742eeo.119

250 at your service

=250 2.1.0 OK n5si167752742eeo.119

> RCPT TO: <>
=250 2.1.5 OK n5si167752742eeo.119
So I think this tool s pretty useful for anyone getting tone of fake email daily and he really wants to verify which are really and which emails are fake, plus this tool even gives you can option to access more details about any email by clicking more about this email option.