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15 January 2013

Top 3 Apps to Turn Your Android Phone into a Modem

Many times it happens that you need to share your internet connection with your friend to get some useful data from him, or it can be like using your phone's connection on your PC wirelessly, so the reason can be anything but tethering really has some important benefits and today I will show you 3 most useful apps for tethering your Android internet connection and turning it into a useful modem.

Well if you want to use your USB Dongle connection as a wireless connection than you can check this useful connectify tool for easy internet sharing.

  1. PDAnet-appPDANet 3.50 – PDANet is a useful internet tethering application targeted for Android devices, well it can easily allow speeds upto 35mbps through USB and will allow you to save your tethering monthly plan. So it add zero latency to your connection and it even connects as fast as your device connects. So it even comes bundled with SMS Client that lets you send and receive messages from your pc.
  2. easy-tether-android-appEasy tether Lite – is another useful internet tethering application that can be used as same as the PDANet application, it allows you to tether your device internet connection on phone, tablet, computer or anywhere, almost to any Wi-Fi enabled device. This is available in two versions free and paid but the free version can work perfect for your normal use. [Link]
  3. barnacle-wifi-tetherBarnacle Wifi Tether – this is considered as the best wi-fi tethering application, it works perfectly and is free + open source. So no matter how much you use you are not going to be get charged for it, now its interface is also cool, so you will like it. You can even see how much data has transferred and how much you have received. So overall it's a nice application for tethering your connection to any device, X-Box, Computer, Tablets, Linux anything. [Link]

So these were the few application I came across to be useful for any kind of internet tethering, if you know about any other application do comment below so that I can share that too in this post.