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28 August 2015

Make Browsing Activity Hidden with Firefox Add-Ons

They could be times when you are at work in mind using computer to do your work you open social networking sites a maybe some inappropriate sites and you constantly feel afraid that if someone checks that are out going to be embarrassed in front of them, then these five Firefox add-ons or plug-ins whatever you can call will actually make you browse anonymously hence help you to hide those tabs, minimize your browser instantly and even rename your tabs hence you can be secure that no one is actually watching whatever you're doing and you can browse the way you want to.

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So now I came across four of these add-ons for Firefox so every add-on I have mentioned below can do different things everything is mentioned on the page so you need to have Firefox browser to install these add-ons and use them so let's jump into this tutorial and see how to install all these add-ons and what are their work and how actually are going to be benefited with all these add-ons.

Browse anonymously with these Firefox Add-Ons

  1. Panic [LINK] - is a simple add-on for Firefox which will close all the open tabs and open a new tab page with a webpage of your choice it can be any website or even Google search, that entirely depends on you so as soon as you click a single panic button this add-on will do its magic.
  2. TabRenamizer [LINK] - simple tweak for Firefox that can help you to rename all your tabs to a desired name in case you have opened up an inappropriate website then the name is the one thing that other person can see and react so to avoid that situation install this tweak and enjoy.
  3. FaviconizeTab [LINK] – in case you just want to hide the page title and display only the favicon, then this tweak can do wonders simply install this add-on on your Firefox browser and as soon as you will click the favicon button your page title will be hidden and as soon as you will click that button again, your page title will be visible again, so it can be useful when you are really watching some nasty stuff.
  4. MinimizeToTray [LINK] – another great tweak that will help you to minimize all your tabs in browser to system tray, so as soon as you will click the icon all your tabs will be minimized to the system tray and then you have the option to load all all selected pages from your system tray itself.