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16 January 2013

Improve YouTube Performance in Firefox with Easy Tweak

If you are an addict to online news, entertainment, music, fun than YouTube might be your first choice. And than automatically proves itself with its worldwide rank of 3 so people are just into it and off course YouTube is even trying to get everything smooth with their new upgraded layout and much more, so I have even provided many tweaks to get much more comfortable experience on this online video portal like installing YouTube Center Script for enhancing more functionality on YouTube.

So now I have a simple tweak than can boost up your YouTube buffering speed in Firefox, well I have posted about the simple tool called "SpeedBit Video Accelerator" than can boost your buffering speeds and that tool let me tell your simply works, well off course it has some compatibility issues with chrome and you might face some crash issues that can fixed using this easy tweak. But still in other browsers it works like a charm. So if you are on Firefox you can use Video Accelerator and below trick for optimum YouTube speed.

  1. Open Firefox and in address bar type about:config (this opens up the Firefox internal configuration options recommended for advanced users)
  2. So now it asks for some confirmation stating all those things that you should know, just read it and proceed.
  3. So now you will see many entries, don't worry we will filter the one we need to modify, just type browser.sessionstore.interval in search and you will see that single entry.
  4. Now just double click this entry and change its value from 15000 to 120000 (now this is value for session storing, as you browser stores every 15 sec and we have changed it to 2min. You can increase the value, but I recommend going with 2min.
  5. So now tweaking is done, you can restart your browser and than navigate to and see if it has affected your buffering.