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24 December 2012

Unlock Password Protected Memory Card for Symbian Device

Memory cards gave us the ability to store our personal data in out mobile device and take it anywhere, well now days many phone’s are coming with internal fixed memory and there is not need of using memory card but still older devices like Symbian uses memory cards for storage purpose and people usually forget the password they applied to protect their personal data. Well possibly there is an easy way to get back your memory card password.

So now to get this trick working we need to have some external files exploring application like X-Plore best for Symbian devices.

  1. Download and Install X-Plore application in your Symbian device.
  2. Now open up X-Plore application and press 0 key to see if you enabled "Show the System Files" option to see private files.
  3. Now just navigate to C: > Sys > Data > Mmcstore.
  4. Now you need to press 3 key to enable the HEX Viewer.
  5. Now just check out the third column for a line something like (c??"?x???1?2?3?4?5)
  6. Now the numbers between the ? marks is your password so it becomes 12345
  7. So in your case numbers will be different according to your password.

Remember If you have not set any password, you would not be able to gain access to C: > Sys > Data. So enjoy guys and make sure to comment if you come across any problem.