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06 January 2013

How to Copy or Clone any CD or DVD Easily with Clone CD

These days every software company or music company comes up with CD protection layers embed into them so that no one can copy them up only the person having those CD's can be its real owner, but you all love to share stuff with your friends or maybe get something from your friend so how you are going to copy those stuff to your pc or even write a new CD or DVD well Clone CD does that job pretty easily.

Clone CD comes with an option to copy CD or DVD in 1:1 ratio so everything would be exact what its on that CD or DVD. So if it's a game or a music CD you will get exact contents on your new CD or DVD apart from that image embed on that CD or DVD.


Clone CD is even useful if your CD or DVD is damaged and you are not able to copy it up, well using this it will fix up those BAD sectors and will allow you to make 1:1 copy's really easily. So now Slysoft is the company behind this amazing tool and they are providing it on a 30 days trial basis or else you can purchase this tool if you are a serious pirate or something.

So grab your free 30 days trial copy and give this tool a try, if you like it than you purchase it as its up with 20% discount for 31.20 EUR that's Rs. 2221. So it your wish if you wanna purchase it or you just wanna try it for a long time using this easy software trial bypassing tutorial. So have fun and enjoy.