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08 September 2012

Bypass Forums Registration Process using Google Cache

Forums community is the best innovative society where people flow their artwork contributing with all the people and bloggers all over the world. Well Forums are free to use but they still need a valid registration process to be carried out before you can get and view any posts, not all the forums are restricted to registration but still 90% have this issue and to take over it the one way is using RoboForm but it needs to be purchased and other steps are their but an easy and free way is using Google's cache option.


Google's cache simply stores an image of what the site actually looks like, well more than thay all the links are active + you can watch the whole website in text mode too. So Google's robots are not restricted to view the contents of that form so they bypass the registration process and stores that forums pages in its database so if websites is down you can access the cache to view the websites content. So we are going to use it so check below steps on how you go through this process.

  1. Just copy the url of forums post which when clicked asks you for the registration.
  2. Now just paste that url in google and most problem google will have that url cached.
  3. Now just click on the small arrow which you get on the right of every search result, and you will see something like above the Cached - Similar option.
  4. Just click on the Cached option and you will see that page without any registration problem.

Now this trick works for many forums and other websites, but still this can have impact when cache option is disabled by the forums or site owners. So give it a try and if you still find any little problem make sure to use the below comment’s system to store query.