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14 January 2013

Is it Really Possible to know who visited my Facebook Profile

Many people are just seeking out for some ways to see who visited their Facebook profile, well they just wanna know who is the biggest stalker of their profile. So the add more and more visitor tracking application available on Facebook to start this spying process, but recent study has concluded that there is no such application that can track your Facebook profile visitor, as Facebook Cleary states that they are bound to some not disclose your privacy and this act comes in the violation, so if you still find any application and it works it will be soon turned down.

Now frankly what's the reason behind these apps making these kind of promises, well creators of these apps just try to get approval from your account and then try to spam your friends wall with some spammy link that leads to some malware based website.

So now it can inject some bad code in your system hence getting all the confidential information from it using some inbuilt key-logging software's and maybe even harm your whole system.

So basically it's a just a fake way to get more and more visitors to their app and ruin them like an innocent victim. So maybe I had posted some apps earlier for tracking visitors well I don't remember but I will give a full scan to what these apps really does and which one's you should avoid.

Now according to me you should really avoid any of these apps and just enjoy a safe social experience, means why do you want to know who visited your profile, if you really think he might have seen some private information than make sure your security is hooked up properly. You can even enable the 2 step verification if it is available in your country.