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01 May 2011

Make iTunes Faster on windows

iTunes fastning tricksiTunes for Windows is one of the finest software's from Apple used to download songs, listen to music and synchronize your iPod, iPhone and iPad. As we all know that it provides better performance iTunes on Mac and Windows users often complain about the slowness of the program. Fortunately, there are some tricks that speed up the program and iTunes may particularly useful on Windows operating systems.

1. A very useful thing to try to improve the performance of iTunes is to make a clean all those library. Delete the songs which you don’t want to listen because With less iTunes playlist it will load faster.

2. If iTunes is still slow than it may also be trying to sync that occurs every time you boot. To disable it go to Edit > Preferences > Devices then check the box for the item “Prevent iPod, iPhone and iPad automatically synchronize”. The latter is not recommended for owners of an Apple device.

3. Another operation that speeds up Apple’s iTunes is to disable all those functions that you do not need, like Ping or Genius.

4. A good way to do some cleaning in your iTunes library is to remove the double tracks, to do this go to File then Show Duplicates.

All these tricks are used to speed up significantly the iTunes program execution and may be useful to both Mac OS X and Windows users.

Try them now and make more from iTunes in less time.