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05 June 2011

How to Find out Your Stolen Camera with Stolen Camera Finder

Stolen Camera FinderFinding Stolen Camera can be like a joke you might be thinking but its now possible with the help of EXIF data technology and with the main help of the serial number stored inside your photographs. Well how this thing works when ever you click pictures with your camera it creates some useful data known as EXIF data file which is then stores right in your pictures it is used by computer to determine when this photo was clicked and what settings were used and so on.

So a website called Stolen Camera Finder is claiming that it can help you in finding your Camera with help of tracing the same images taken by that camera on the internet. Now this will work when ever the thief uploads a image on the internet than this website will trace the serial number on the image you uploaded to this website with the same on the internet if it finds it will trigger out the thief hence giving you the location to catch and ban him.

Procedure for tracing out your Camera .:

1. Go to their website Stolen Camera Finder

2. Drag and upload image as they say on their homepage.

3. It will initialize the image and give you the exact details about the location.

4. In some cases it says Fail ( due to uploading a image clicked by mobile phone or other gadget it will not detect )

5. Use only the camera shots to make it able to detect your Images and search out your camera.