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10 November 2012

Backup your Data on Google using Google Takeout Feature

Google gave us the power to rule the internet with our creativity using their services in order of their terms and laws, well we can build our blog or we can upload some creative videos on YouTube and pretty much everything from socializing to blogging, we are dependent on Google but certainly we think that what if sometime my account gets terminated or maybe in some case it gets hacked, well obviously we can opt for a higher Gmail security and keep out account safe but still no one can predict the future so keeping this thing in mind Google introduced a new feature called "Google Takeout" than will help anyone to backup their whole history they have spent on Google from ages.

Google Takeout simply allows you to backup your Picasa albums, +1’s, your drive data, your google contacts, your youtube videos and pretty much everything listed in the below image. So you even have the ability to choose the custom options you wanna go backing up for.


So now if you even have some of your precious data stored with Google, you can jump in to the steps mentioned below and create your own archive.
  1. Visit Google Takeout and Sign-In to your Gmail Account.
  2. Now you will list of services like in the above image, if you wanna make backup for every service than you can click on Create Archive option or if you want to choose your services than go to the next option.
  3. Now Google Takeout will start creating your Archive that you will be able to download as soon as its created.
  4. Now if your backup is huge you can choose the Email me when ready option so than will email you when your Archive is ready and you can download it.

So that’s it overall it’s a pretty handy security feature which I think every individual should opt in time to time so that their precious data is safe and sound.