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25 October 2012

Scan your iPhone and iDevices for Viruses and Eradicate Them

virus-barrier-iphoneApple has created an amazing inbuilt system in their iDevices that keeps viruses and other harmful elements away from it but still many black hat professional try to infiltrate its system and load some harmful substances into its OS. Well VirusBarrier claims to stop those harmful activities and even eradicates them. It’s a simple app than can be installed and it works automatically on its own.

The major possibilities are that if your iPhone is infected than your PC and Mac can also come into the danger zone as these viruses and hole out their surfaces too.

VirusBarrier Key Features

Virus barrier comes with many unique features just like the antivirus we install it on out PC or Mac so check features below.

  1. VirusBarrier offer On Demand Scanning.
  2. It can scan all the incoming and outgoing emails.
  3. Automatically Updates virus and malware definitions.
  4. Scans the .zip archives.
  5. Scans your device in the background without any interference.
Basically comes with much more features which I have even not mentioned, so overall it’s a good virus protecting shield you can opt for some good and safe working environment on your iDevice. Well earlier this app costs like $2.99 but now its available just for $0.99 so simply awesome.