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09 January 2013

Unlimited Text & Media Messaging on Mobiles with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a cross-platform compatible messaging application that can be used to stay in touch with loved ones. With full mobile compatibility you can add this app in anyone's phone and start chatting with them instantly. You do not need to pay for messaging or exchanging audio notes and sharing location, yes everything is available in WhatsApp you can do pretty much anything with WhatsApp, but not a pirated hub that sharing big files but small files likes images recorded audio notes can be shared easily.


Now as WhatsApp uses the same internet connection you normally use to email and browser your stuff you do not need any additional pack to enjoy this amazing service. You can even create groups for upto 30 people in once group and start messaging them with text, images and audio notes totally for free.


So now just share any good news news with your friends anytime and that too for free, the best part is that WhatsApp is available for pretty much every phone iOS devices, Android devices, Blackberry devices, Symbian devices, Windows Phone and S40 devices.

So now you can install WhatsApp by downloading it from their download page, you can click the link on the right, plus if you want install WhatsApp messenger on your PC than you can easily install it by following this tutorial.