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26 September 2014

How to Add Mass Bulk Friends in your Facebook Account

Have you recently joined facebook, or you really feel lonely of having such a few friends, well then the whole internet is waiting for you to send them a request for accepting you as their friend, well how you are going to do that well by going to one person at a time and then clicking on Add Friend is not a good and viable option, well we need something fast that just adds thousands of friends easily and in minutes, well ok not in minutes but still really fast.

So now we are not using any unofficial trick or any kind of userscript like I posted earlier for getting more followers on facebook and that too automatically but we will use the official email invitation option provided by facebook but we will use the 2000 emails list for making this process little faster, so now lets see how this thing works.

  1. facebook-emails-inviteDownload 2000 Emails List.
  2. Now Sign-In to Facebook and visit
  3. Now just paste your emails into the first field like in the image on the right.
  4. Add some good message like you know him or anything, so you need to be little bit social :)
  5. That's it now hit that Invite your Friends button and you are done.
  6. So all the emails with desired persons will get your friend request and few might reject it but many will accept it as they are also looking for some good fake ;p friends.

So now what enjoy your friend list will just fire up with so many new friends. So you can even use these friends in your group to make your group enlarge, well you can use the auto adding friend to the group script I posted earlier [Link]

So guys now enjoy this awesome and easy to be followed tutorial, well if you find any problem, then you are most welcome to comment below and get helped by everyone.