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04 September 2011

How to Paste Copied Text without Formatting

How to Paste Copied Text without FormattingSometimes you copy some text from a webpage and want to paste that in your notepad or anywhere else like making PDF or any rich document from that text well but when you paste all the formatting in that text is copied to your pasting source like the colors text alignment and many more things.

Well now you can easily remove that pasting with Pure Text. Pure text is a small piece of software which makes this work really easy for you, it simply creates a new shortcut key which you can use for pasting and when you paste with that shortcut key than you will see that there is no formatting and its really to use.

How to Paste Copied Text without Formatting

Pure Text has several options which you can tweak according to your preferences, and its really easy to configure. The default shortcut key which bundled wit this amazing application is the Windows Key + V. You can change that when ever you like. So download and install this application now and have fun using this amazing application.