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01 February 2012

Automatically Publish Blog Posts on Facebook Page

rss-graffiti-logoFacebook is the best source for unique and huge traffic, people from all over the world visit your website due to its worldwide prosperity. Well you have pages from your websites on Facebook and when ever people like your page they will get all the information you will update on your page right into their newsfeed. You update status and update blog posts so they get it and they visit your blog to view those posts.

But if you are a frequent poster on your blog than you might have noticed that how much difficult it is too post new posts by choosing your post URL and than coping it into your Facebook page and than sharing it out but the good news is that it can be done automatically as we are doing on our Facebook Page using RSS Graffiti the one and the best feed grabber and poster for Facebook.

So if you wanna see how it works and get it too work than you can check out the below tutorial on configuring it and using it for your Facebook page.

Follow below steps :

1. First step is to install the RSS Graffiti app on Facebook.

2. Now make sure you allow this app to access your Facebook account so that it can grab the information about the Pages you have on Facebook.

3. Now you will be on RSS Graffiti Facebook Page where you have to configure settings so that it can access your blog and grab all the posts from it.


4. So now you will  your Facebook page listed on left hand side click on it and than choose Add Feed button.


5. So now you have enter all the information like your Feedburner Feed URL, Source Name and Source URL like I have done in the image above. Make sure your Feedburner URL is correct as its gonna grab your posts from that URL.

6. Now it have many other options to tweak which I am not gonna show you as than this tutorial will be really big so its simple you can tweak it on your own by going into filter, schedule, transform.

7. Now just post any new update in your blog and than wait and see how it will automatically grab that post and than update your Facebook page with that post simply automatic.

8. Now when ever your post will be published it will have a small icon of RSS Graffiti like below we have on our posts.


So here you go with another amazing tutorial for all the Newbie Bloggers who find it difficult for posting a single post everytime on their Facebook page. If you find this tutorial good than make sure to share it with all your friends have fun :)