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20 February 2012

Protect your Android Device with Free Avast Antivirus

Avast the big name in Antivirus world has released their Android app taking one step further in the world of malicious viruses which can ruin your device making it slow and buggy and hence sniffing stuff from your phone. Well in regular day you transfer stuff, use Bluetooth and download media files from internet and many of those files contain viruses so getting a Antivirus on your device will protect you from any kind of threat and will maintain your device as fast as possible.
Avast antivirus app android

Key Features of Avast Antivirus :

1. Improved Virus Scanner.
2. Privacy Reporter.
3. Application Manager.
4. Enhanced Firewall.
5. Anti-Theft System.
6. SMS and Call Filtering Option.

Downloading and Installing :

You can download Avast Antivirus from android market here its totally free and can be downloaded right from your Android device just visit the above link on your device and than click on Install, now run it and update it after successful update just scan your device for harmful viruses.
Transfer Data to your Android Device without any Cable.
Make sure you install this as it will protect your device from any further damage, that’s it folks stay safe and secured have fun bye.