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13 March 2012

Change Default Downloads folder Target in Windows 7

Downloads folder in Windows 7 is folder which is usually kept in administrator account like c:/user/downloads which you might wanna change to your specific folder which can be like D:/Internet/Downloads, so if you also wanna change your default downloads folder than you can do that by following below simple guide.


Downloads-folder-propertiesFollow below steps :

1. Just go to the URL which you wanna make target location for your default downloads folder like I wanted to make Downloads folder which is kept in D drive so I went to that drive and copied the URL to that folder from the address bar.

2. Now just go to your default downloads folder and than right click choose Properties than go to Location now just replace the default URL with your current URL and click on Apply.

3. Now it will ask you for your permission by showing you Yes and No option like below.


4. Now Just click on Yes and than your folder’s target location will be changed and now when ever you click on Downloads folder you will be on the folder you targeted on that will help you save some of your time.