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04 March 2012

How to Check Application Usage in your iPhone

You install many application on your iPhone but some of them useful and some are just for fun, well sometimes you need to free up some space on your iPhone hence you will need to delete some apps so that waste apps can be taken down and you will have more space for your songs. Well there is an easy way you can check out apps usage on your iPhone by simply navigating to Settings > General > Usage like below in the image.


Now you can see all the apps installed on your iPhone with their exact size on your iPhone, now if you click on any of these apps you can check what amount of data they have installed and you can also delete them like below or another way is to just hold any icon on your springboard for 2 sec and you will see them wiggling with a round x which when clicked can delete those apps.


So now in this way you can check out the usage of your applications and side by side also delete waste apps right here, have fun :)