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23 March 2013

Talking Tom Funny Cat .SWF File for Windows PC Download


Talking Tom Cat which is the most viral application for iPhone and Android for some amazing voice manipulation fun is now unofficially available for your PC Browsers. Well its not actually the best one, as there is no support for voice commands but still you can click on his body parts and than he do some funny actions with funny voices.

Well who so ever has designed it just took the basic character of that naughty cat and added few creative funny actions so amusing fun. Well you still get all those hilarious voices out of his mouth when ever your click on his body parts.

So basically you are going to get a .swf file which is short extension for a flash file, so its can be accessed in a flash software or directly in your browser when dragged. Well you might see that XALJ text written well just ignore that, that might be the text from the designer who created this unofficial version. So check below steps and download now.

  1. Download Talking-Tom.swf
  2. Now you can open this file in any flash software or you can drag it to your browser.
  3. Now you will see the cat, just click on his body parts and see funny actions.

So that's it now just enjoy this awesome cat actions with your friends and family members, its really hilarious do comment if you find any problem downloading or using :)