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07 November 2013

How to Change Background Image for Facebook Login Page


Facebook is currently the biggest online ada where people join and translate each others thoughts and communicate in many different ways by chatting, sending emoticons and sharing images, well now to make some more adjustments we have found an interesting and easy way for changing your Facebook’s login page background image. We tried to do it and applied interesting abstract flower image which you can check below.

Now as you can see in the above image we have changed the background image and style of Facebook Login Page, well now I just applied some random abstract image, you can go with any one applying your personal or with friends image on the background. So now when ever any one opens on your PC if will be greeted by that image with options to Log-In on Facebook. So now lets see how this can be done.

  1. fb-refresh-extensionMake sure chrome is installed now install the FB Refresh Extension.
  2. After you have installed the extension now just head over to and you will see that page in a new way something like above but obviously not that image, so now you have to click on the small gear icon above the Log In button.
  3. Now after you click on the small Gear Icon you will see window like above asking you to insert the image URL for the image you wanna use for the background (If you wanted to use the same image we have used in the above demo image than you can grab the link here)
  4. Now you can choose if you wanna repeat the image and in which direction X for Horizontal and Y for Vertical and than just click on Save Boom, now just navigate to and enjoy the new fresh background.