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29 July 2012

Google Fiber - A Revolution in Internet Connection by Google

Google Fiber as mentioned in the above title is going to be a revolution in internet connections provided these days. As claimed its going to be 100 times faster than the current broadband connection attaining speeds upto 1Gbs. As usual Google will start the migration process with a twist in Kansas City as starting point, the thing is that Google will apply their fiber network only on that place where a majority of persons are ready to go for this service.

More people you have in your society ready for Google Fiber, you will be chosen as the first place to get Fiber network. Google has claimed to provide free internet access fro upto 7 years but still you are required to pay $300 installation fees.

Normal tariff would be like $70/month for internet connection and $120/month fro internet and TV together. Now obviously with a speeds upto 1Gbs you are going to browsing will speeds of light, so imagine the world at that time no YouTube buffering, easy file transfer, online conferencing upto 100 people at one time and much more sky is the limit.

So now lets hope for the best from the search engine giant but if they are saying something they mean it, so what do you think about this Fiber network will you get this for your home and will Google reveal this product in India do comment your thoughts below.