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01 December 2015

Report Website to Google with AdSense Terms Violation

AdSense has been the premium recurring income source for bloggers all over the world trying to monetize their website with their hard worked unique content. People post some useful stuff on their website and AdSense automatically detects and shows some good relevant ads for that particular page. Well apart from just monetizing your site AdSense is also a good way to reach some another creative projects hosted by people on AdSense and hence AdSense terms states a safe environment for publishers.

adsense terms violation

AdSense was Disabled on HackingUniversity too but we worked Hard and Got it Back

Well still many websites including ours were previously not working according to the terms and conditions regulated by AdSense staff. Well you all know that our AdSense was disabled on my website too but I worked on it and removed all the illegal content I used to post earlier and then it was restored back to normal. So I did removed all the crappie illegal copyrighted stuff present on my website that harassed AdSense terms and hence it came back but still many sites are running it illegally and you can obviously report those websites to Google so that they can take actions against those sites and get AdSense down from their websites.

Why you should Report AdSense Violating Sites to Google to Take Action

Now this might be the question arising in your mind, well I know you might be thinking that let that person make some money using AdSense by posting all that crappy stuff that will get him more and more views and hence help him in making good amount of money.

But remember the more illegal sites are up and running AdSense, more fake and irrelevant clicks will be made and that will destroy the AdSense network and normal publisher, who is working hard enough to make a living using adsense.

Because if advertiser will stop bidding for the ads then less ads will be shown and this effects the whole advertising network.

How to Report Websites Violating AdSense Terms and Violation to Google Easily

Google provides an easy way to appeal for AdSense violation using their online form, you can check below steps to report violation.

Fill this Form

  1. When you visit the violation form using the above link, you will see some fields that you fill up.
  2. So enter your Name, Email, If you are AdSense Publisher then choose YES and enter your Publisher Not, if not then choose NO. You can even choose NO in case are a publisher that does not matter.
  3. Next enter the URL of the page that is violating the adsense terms and policies.
  4. Next choose what type of violation it is, either its a hacking based violation or any copyright stuff is being posted on that page. Whatever the violation is, you can choose it using the items given there.
  5. Next press Submit and your report will be submitted to Google and they will check the site manually and verify if its contents are legal or illegal and will take appropriate action.

Now you do not need to worry about the privacy, google does not display any information regarding reporter to AdSense publisher so guy will never know who reported his website.

Well I think it’s a must step every individual should take to make adsense more profitable for people really working harder on getting their website up and making a knowledge paradise for nerds, and I thank that reader or anyone who made a complaint for my website. As due to his little work, I did a lot of hard work and made my website to stood against everything.

I hope this clarifies every detail of reporting websites violating adsense rules and regulations, in case you found this post useful do like and share this everyone, else comment below so that I can improve it.