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12 August 2012

RoboForm Saves Passwords & Fills Online Forms Automatically

RoboForm is an online password vault + incredible form filler that works like a magic. Using RoboForm you can easily save your websites credentials and login to them with juts 1 click. No matter how many sites you have they can be 500 or 1000 just save your website with their usernames and passwords once and you are ready to take your logins to whatever device you hold and where ever you go. And the best RoboForm comes with a Master Password feature which makes it more secure.

roboform website loginEasily Login to any website :

RoboForm is used like an offline password vault containing all your precious login credentials safe for future easy use. You just need to select the site from the dropdown menu which you wanna logon too and that’s it it will automatically redirect to that website, enter your credentials and hit the submit button.

Fill your online forms fast and easily :

RoboForm gives you options to save different information as you want so anytime you face any form you have type and fill, you can just one click and form will be filled easily with your dam saved information.

roboform form filler

You can enter as much data as you want and you can also save out your credit card information and that will be also kept secured right in your computer locally.

roboform device compatibilityAccessing RoboForm Anywhere :

This is the best feature provided in RoboForm, you can use it on any device that compatible with it well they provide apps for mostly every device, you just need to enter your RoboForm credentials and you are ready to rock and roll.

So in a very whole RoboForm is a good tool for people dealing with many accounts on there daily purpose, it literally saves a lot of time and helps in further productivity. Well you can try it out for 30 days and a trial version from their official website but you need to pay for the full version after your trial is over.