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28 September 2012

How to Combine Two AdSense Ads Side by Side in Blogger

Well if you are willing to place two adsense ad codes side by side for maximum exposure than you can easily do that using a simple table HTML code. Well using two adsense ad codes side by side will surely increase your CTR hence more income can be banked in. This can be used below the post title or in the post footer for the cleaner look. Now the code I will be giving is simple one not designed much but if you have some nice CSS knowledge than you can easily give some nice gloss and shine to its background.


So this is how your ads will look like when they will be combined together side by side. You can obviously change the ads sizes but the recommended one are 300 x 250 or 200 x 200 because bigger the size the more space you will need. So now just follow the below tutorial for installing this in your blogger blog.

  1. Go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML.
  2. Now check mark Expand Widget Templates and Press Ctrl + F and search for <data:post.body/> now if you want to display ads below post title than paste below code above this searched tag or if you wanna show ads in your post footer than paste it below the searched tag.

    <table width="520" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">
    <td width="250" style="padding: 5px;" align="center">
    <td width="250" style="padding: 5px;" align="left">

  3. Now you just need to paste the two adsense code where it is mentioned Adsense Code 1 and Adsense code 2.
  4. Important You will have to convert the adsense code so that it can be accepted by the template so you just need to use our converter and get the modified code and paste it there.

If you are using the same code in your layout > add gadget option than you do not need to convert the adsense code using out converter it can be used as it is.