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05 September 2012

How to Backup and Restore Skype Contacts Easily

Skype has proven to be the best VOIP Software for connecting and engaging with your friends all over the world. With its remarkable video and voice chat technology there has been no wall between any communication. You can easily add your friends and start chatting with them on the go, so the more free services you get the contacts you make to engage with well its really important to take backups of contacts so in any case you loose your account or you switch your accounts you will be able to get it back easily.


Skype officially provides an easy simple way to backup your contacts you can follow above image or below steps to get your backup ready for future.

  1. Just login to your Skype Client.
  2. Click on Contacts > Advanced > Backup Contacts to File.
  3. Now this will create a .vcf file which you can name and store where you like.
  4. Now in case you switch accounts or something happens to your account you can again restore your contacts by going to Contacts > Advanced > Restore Contacts form File.