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16 September 2013

Brief Description and Statistics about Blogger Platform

blogger-infographBlogger is regarded as one of the best and free blogging platform by the search giant Google. Created using inspiration blogger is still providing all its awesome services and features for free to public and commercial business for free. I just grabbed some of the good and brief statistics about blogger and defining its unlimited possibilities for customizations and other stuff. Blogger is owned by Google that’s the fist major point to be considered for its lifetime validity, so there is no chance that blogger will vanish away in future.

Blogger History ::

Blogger was launched and created in 1999 by Pyra Labs, and later in 2003 it was acquired by Google. Blogger blogs were to be hosted on Google’s sub domain and but later on 1 May 2010 google allowed people to use custom domain names with their BlogSpot blog. In 2004 major redesign took place and blogger was stuffed up with new templates people can use with their personal blogs. In 2006 Blogger Beta was launched and soon in 2007 Blogger in draft was released.

In 2009 for the 10th anniversary new features were rolled out and soon in 2010 Dynamic Templates were released, and now in 2012 blogger has totally redesigned the blogger interface making it much more fun and easier to use.

Website Linking Back to Blogger ::

Backlinks are created when a person gives link to some website as credit or something, and hence blogger is a free platform, it usually gives credit to itself in footer section which obviously can be removed but many people still love to give credit to it and as calculated Blogger’s has 3,241,270 backlinks from websites by Alexa.

Vital Statistics for Blogger ::

If we check for the results on domain name in Google, it results back with 76,800,800 found results that means still these blogs are on sub domains and rest are many converted into custom domains names.

  • Likes on Facebook :: 370K
  • Google+ :: 239K
  • Twitter Followers :: 191K
  • Alexa Worldwide Rank :: #47

Country’s with most Blogger Traffic ::

  • India :: 17.9%
  • U.S.A :: 14.9%
  • Brasil :: 6%

Top 10 Reasons to use Blogger ::

Well we have posted earlier on why you should use blogger instead of Wordpress if you wanna check some reasons you can navigate to that post too but below are 10 reasons that why blogger is really awesome and can be afforded by every single individual.

  1. Blogger is completely a free service.
  2. Incredibly Easy to use.
  3. Fully customizable.
  4. SEO Optimized.
  5. Custom Domain can be used.
  6. Entirely Integrated.
  7. Multiple Authors and Admins can be added.
  8. Hundreds of Gadgets.
  9. Blog on the GO.
  10. Infinite Designs.

So this was pretty much discussed about it and I tried to praise it a lot as I am suing it and I am in love with this platform, and right now I cannot or will shift my blog to any other blogging platform like Wordpress, tumblr blah blah its awesome and I love it. Well do comment what do you think about it and have fun sharing.