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21 September 2012

How to Check if Website is Banned by Google AdSense or Not

Google AdSense is the prior income source any blogger can use to monetize their blog. You can just start off writing some nice unique articles and than apply for adsense, and adsense automatically takes care of banking your money. Well but due to some strict terms and many violations google usually bans the website and takes over the right to display their advertisement on their blog, well this same thing happened to me few weeks ago but now everything is good and working perfectly, thanks to the AdSense team. Well as we mentioned in our earlier post that how anyone can report adsense violation to google and get anyone with terms violation account ban, so people can take down your account too so if you are finding a way to check if adsense is banned for your website than below is one website mentioned that you can use to easily check out the ban.

google-adsense-banWhy is it Necessary to Check if AdSense is Banned on a Website ?

Well if you are going to purchase a second hand expired domain name than you might wanna consider checking out if website has adsense active or not, as afterwards you make a lot of hard work on that website and when the time come you wanted to apply for adsense monetization the website simply comes as AdSense disabled in results so that will be a very bad day for you so its must and it can also be used for normal check ups like if your regular website is banned or not.

Google AdSense Sandbox [Link]

Google AdSense Sandbox is the tool which you can use to check if your website banned or not, so it simply loads up the advertisements when you pump in the domain name, and if it does not show any advertisements than it means that adsense is banned on your website. This tool has been designed and created by the Indian Professional Blogger Mr. Amit Agarwal. Well its really a useful tool and works great, so give it a try and have fun.