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11 September 2012

How to Create your own Personal Google+ ID Card Online

Google+ ID card is something similar to the Facebook Timeline Cards we posted earlier that were being offered by for free promotional schemes but now they are being charged but we gout out hands on another website than can create free Google+ ID cards but they are not going to be posted to your house but will be generated just as an image for online use.


Something like above will be created for you with automatic image tracking and name adding, you just need to add your Google+ ID and Nickname than it afterwards you can generate a simple .png file from it that can be used easily anywhere online.

  1. Visit
  2. Now just paste the Google+ ID which you can get from your Google+ Profile URL these are numeric numbers.
  3. Now just write the nickname do not worry about the image and main name, as they will be added automatically right from your profile.
  4. Now just click on the Generate option and you image will start downloading on your PC.