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29 September 2012

How to Delete all your Tweets in one go using TwitWipe

Twitter is a Micro Blogging community where people post about their day to day things that had happened to them or which they have grabbed from other fellow twitters. Well from years its running successfully and people might have tweeted thousands of quotes, but what if you wanna delete all the tweets from your account. Well using twitter you have the option to delete one by one and but that will surely take some months to clean up the whole crap.

Well for this thing we have an awesome online tool called TwitWipe that claims to make your process a lot much easier and faster. With one authorization process done your tweets will get vanished like hell. So well now just check out below steps on how you can start this process with your own online account.
  1. Visit and click on Sign In with Twitter.
  2. Now just Authorize this App because without this thing it might not be able to clean up the stuff.
  3. Now just visit your account and click on TwitWipe this Account, and than you have to agree to some things telling your that you are going to delete all your tweets and blah blah ! so check that out and confirm.
  4. Boom now just leave it till it completes the whole god dam process.
  5. It might take some time depending on users using their services and load on their server, but it will end soon.