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31 October 2012

How to Hide or Remove Default iOS Apps from Springboard

iOS comes up bundled with some many default apps that one might not be used to be working with, you might have some other alternates to that app or you just wanna remove or hide those apps to clean up your springboard.So well obviously you all might be thinking of doing this think with any jailbreak tweak, but now you do not need any jailbreak for this thing and even your phone is not required to be jailbreaked but with just a small passbook hack and some great minds hard work we can do it officially.

RageMasta and MacMixing came up with the PassHack feature for Passbook that can easily hide your iOS default application from your springboard and even remove them for temporary basis. Well as clamed by them if you will reboot your iPhone that those will show up again but you easily hide them again.

Install PassHack and Hide Apps Easily

The above video clearly shows you how this can be done without any jailbreak tweak, you just need to visit and than you have to press on install passhack. Now after passhack has been installed just visit your passbook and press the small I icon.

Now you can choose the app from the mentioned list and click on hide to overwrite that app with something that’s going to give you error, now you can long hold that app and press the X icon to delete that app from your springboard.

Now your app will be hidden but you can again visit the Passbook to get it back or your can reboot your device to get all the apps back. Every single process can be attempted again to hide apps back.