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28 October 2012

How to Stop Pinterest from Pinning your Blogger Images

Pinterest service came in the wild and got a huge response and still people are using it to store some cool artwork collection all over the world. But still it makes many people’s copyright content freely available which they might not wanna share or publicize. It can be you who do not want anyone to pin out your images present on your blog, well pinterest have come up with an official way that can stop pinning of these images.


Protect your Copyright Images from

getting Pinned on Pinterest

Pinterest introduced a Meta code that when added in your <head> tag stops people from pinning your images and also showing them message. Check below steps on how to add the code to your own personal website or blog.

  1. Visit Blogger > Template > Edit HTML
  2. Now press Ctrl + F and search for <head> tag and paste below code below it.

    <meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

  3. That’s it now just save your template and refresh your blog.
  4. Now just try to Pin any image on your blog.

So now hopefully this will protect your blogs copyrighted images from getting copied and spread on the internet. If you find out any problems using this do comment.