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04 October 2012

How to Update & Migrate Android Market to Google Play

google-play-store-updateGoogle introduces services in many forms for almost every field, well many of them are still growing but some have to be shifted for some unnatural causes. This kind of shift came to one of the major android service call its Android Market the app store for android phones and it was migrated into Google Play.

So domains were changed icons were redesigned but yes obviously redirection took place and everything created earlier was shifted to the new domain name structure. Well if you still own an old android device and you still have that Android Market, well now you can migrate it too the new Google Play store by following the below easy work around.

  1. Fire up your old Android Market and click on Update all Apps.
  2. Also change settings to Auto Update Apps.
  3. Now just close your Android Market and Restart it again, now you will see the above screen fro updating your store to play just click on continue.

That’s it now play store is ready to be browsed for million of apps. Well this work around is only for the older android versions, if you recently have purchased a new android device that you will automatically have the new play store :)