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29 October 2012

Upload Images Online with Unlimited Bandwidth using Disqus

Images really play a very important role in any blogger’s life, images can simply change the way a new visitor crawls the post, he can be attracted by some good artwork or other stuff. But basically online freaks get bumped up with the bandwidth issues and they loose control over the images and see a error message. Well obviously you can pay up for more dedicated hosting package and get that thing recovered or you use some other online tools to upload your images so that people can enjoy them everytime, so big companies like Photobucket, Flickr and other ones have a huge dedicated servers to upload your images and share them via anything at any level.

Upload Images on Disqus Server

But now if you wanna go for any other free - fast source to upload your images than I came across Disqus commenting system image upload feature that works pretty well and you can use it to upload your images and share them with everyone and that too with no bandwidth limit, so its unlimited!.


Drag and Drop your Images on Disqus Commenting System to Upload them Automatically

Well yes know you can upload your images on Disqus server by just dragging them onto their commenting system without logging and signing in to your account. You do not need to go to their website or anywhere just look for the commenting system installed on your website or any other site and just drag on your images from your computer and drop onto that commenting system.

Now wait for the image to upload and you will see a small image thumbnail, just click that and you will the bigger preview like in the above image. Now just right click on that bigger image and press Copy Image URL.

That’s it now you can share that URL with your friends or share them on social networking websites. The bandwidth is unlimited so you do not need to worry about that thing. So I think this is the fast and free source available which you can use.