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20 October 2012

WiTricity Technology : Resonant Energy Transfer Concept

Electricity is the medium of production and has completely changed the whole world in enhancing technology related products and making them efficient to run. But the bad part is that its just bundled up in some nasty wires that just scatters all over the place and even tangles when ever we try to manage. So what's the solution Wireless Electricity so WiTricity is born. MIT Physicists came up with the WiTricity concept that can transfer electricity in form of magnetic field over short distances, well its short for right now but still has some greater importance.


WiTricity Power’s Up Gadgets Wirelessly

WiTricity concept is just like the glass smashing with the voice of the lady singing in oprah. So like the resonant energy transfer it will transfer from one coil to another without harming any human in between due to a simple magnetic concept that already present in out earths field. So imagine your phone charging wirelessly by just putting it on the table with coil installed.

Well Eric Giler has shown a working demo of this wireless technology based on the concept of those MIT geeks. Well he says that this concept was born with professor who was really annoyed with the regular low battery warning of her wife’s phone and he just thought of how to get the energy spread everywhere in the house right into the phone so that it charges automatically.

Well if we look at this concept in eco friendly way than it will surely save the whole world from grounding as it will reduce the use of battery’s, and cords that were earlier used to power up your gadgets. And as assumes near about 40 Billion batteries are decomposed every year that simply generates more toxic waste. So whats your opinion on this concept and would you opt for this technology if its made public or you are comfortable with your tangling cords do share using comments below.