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23 November 2012

How to Delete Files and Data from Dropbox Permanently

Dropbox is an awesome online file storage platform that can be used to store your personal data and can be used for accessing it anywhere, anytime. Well dropbox even provides a simple way to access your files right from your pc by installing its simple suite and than any item dragged to dropbox folder will get uploaded online and you can share it with your friends. Dropbox even becomes more productive when you want to download torrents directly to dropbox.

Now what if you want to delete some files but whenever you delete any file for security reasons dropbox maintains a backup for that file and your file can be accessed anytime. Now if you have some confidential data and you want it to be vanished away permanently you can simply follow the below steps and your file will be taken down permanently.

  1. Visit
  2. Now just mark your files which you want to delete and than hit delete.
  3. Now there is an option to show deleted files click that.
  4. Now mark your files again and press delete them permanently.

Now your all files will be permanently deleted from dropbox server and are not accessible from anywhere.