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29 November 2012

How to Get WhatsApp Subscription Free for 10 Years

If you love instant messaging from your iPhone or any other capable device that WhatsApp tops the list with every possible activity you can attempt on it. You can send messages, emoticons, videos, audio clips and much more. Well we have taken it to a new level and provided you with a trick to install it on your PC and  get much more easy access.

Well but the thing is that WhatsApp costs free for 1 year subscription in iPhone but it is available for free in Android device. But for the second year you need to pay a small fee of $0.99 in iOS Devices. Well this cost is obviously low just Rs.55 but still if you are in search of a free way to get subscription for a long time than some online guy has found a bug in WhatsApp system with which you can get 10 years of free subscription.

  1. First you just have to delete WhatsApp from your personal device.
  2. Now you will need an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) that has not installed WhatsApp and can be any version.
  3. Now just install WhatsApp on that device and verify it with your phone number on which you will receive that confirmation message.
  4. Now just check if WhatsApp is working fine, and if you are lucky you will receive 10 years of free subscription from the bug found.
  5. Now you just need to remove WhatsApp from that iPhone and install WhatsApp on any other device, can be any Android, Blackberry, Windows based.
  6. Now you will get that 10 years free subscription on that device too.

Note This is bug in their system providing you with 10 years of free usage, this can end up anytime and may or may not work. So try it out and have fun.