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03 December 2012

How to Get Tata Docomo Callme Tune Free for Lifetime

Telecom company’s introduced callme tunes and that’s just took everyone’s attention. People were using this service and so telecom gave an upgrade to the prices and now you have to pay like huge amounts to get these tunes on your device. But luckily we have a free Docomo callme tune trick with which you can get free callme tune for lifetime.

Recently I posted on how you can send free online message using your Docomo number you can check that too + some nice hack and prank you can do with a Docomo number. So jump in to the below tutorial and have fun.

  1. Firstly if you are using any tunes just deactivate them.
  2. Now we have to activate tem again so dial 543211999 from your Docomo number and activate your 1 month free subscription.
  3. So they will provide you two different songs just choose one song from them.
  4. Now disconnect your call and you will be subscribed to 1 month free callme tune subscription.
  5. Now comes the best part if you want to change the default song you have just applied you can do that too but make sure that your balance is less than Rs.10.
  6. Now just dial *678*020# and reply with # now just select your song you want to apply.
  7. Now they have different numbers for different periods like 543211995 10 days subscription 543211985 - 5 days subscription 543211999 - 30 days subscription 54321122 - 15 days subscription.
  8. But now if you want to have a lifetime subscription just dial 543211985 and activate your 5 days trial now use this service for 4 days and make your balance less than Rs.3 and do not recharge till 10 days now you will be in the suspended mode on approx. 7th.
  9. Now try deactivating your callme tune service but by no means it is going to deactivate.
  10. So hence now you have lifetime free callme tune subscription for Docomo number.

So now this trick has been tested in Gujarat and it is reported positive, so it is working but now its your turn to check it in your state and reply.