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14 December 2012

Google Drive Official Chrome Extension for Saving Webpages

Google drive team released their official chrome extension for saving webpages, links and images right to your drive account. Well this is somewhat similar to Awesome Screenshot extension for chrome that snaps out the images or full webpage easily but this drive extension is much more convenient too use as this automatically save the captures to your drive account for future use.

So now if you across some great designs on a webpage you just need to click the drive icon and that webpage will be saved right in your account immediately.


So now you just need to install Save to Google Drive extension for chrome and then you need to grant permissions to access your drive account. Now after that you are ready to start capturing the whole web in your account.

google-drive-extensionJust visit any webpage and than click on the Drive icon in the status bar than will simply start capturing your whole webpage in your account + you even get option to delete or rename the file immediately with popup window like on the right.

So now you can see this extension is really awesome and helpful for any web developer or a normal individual who loves browsing websites. So grab this extension now and do comment if you find out any problem using this out.