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10 December 2012

Run iOS Simulator in your Web Browser with BrowserStack


Emulators are the easy way to view your stuff on incompatible devices like computers or other gadget. With emulators running you can easily simulate that same device environment in that device like the iPad Emulator and even Android perfect emulator with bluestack software.

Well today we have another iOS simulator that can make a good iOS environment in your Windows Web Browser. BrowserStack simply uses the iOS simulator found on some Mac machines and serves directly to you. Well this can slow up some loading time but still it works fine and you will get the perfect environment.

Why you need iOS Simulator ?

browserstackWell there can be many reasons but the main reason can be from the testing purpose like you are a designer and you want to test out how you website will look when its viewed in an iOS device so this can be pretty useful.

Now with Browser Stack you can shift your sizes and even the browser, so its not just iOS but Opera, Safari, Android and much more so you can choose any good browser and start testing out your website.

Now the free plan for BrowserStack offers only 30 minutes of free testing so if you are hardcore tester than you might have to pay some good amount to get more testing time.