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03 December 2012

Remove Malicious Links from Free Wordpress Themes

Wordpress-logoNow days more blogs are coming up people are always in a search of good and free wordpress themes that they can use for their blog. Even I started providing some good templates but yes I just gave for blogger platform you can check out my templates section for some awesome blogger templates. So ok now for the wordpress themes there are many online websites that usually provide free wordpress themes but obviously when the stuff is free they have to charge you in some way so they usually put some links to their personal website or maybe the developers one.

So all these embed links can be good for the developers to grow and I do not say that you should remove those links as you have to credit the developer for developing such a good themes but still if you are picking up your template from some unknown sources than the best thing is to check every links in the footer copyright section to see if they are not malicious hence effecting your website in a long run.

There are two different ways to do this thing, one is manual and the other one is automatic both works fine, manual one can be little more difficult but much more strong and durable so I will recommend that you should personally check out every link  or stuff in your theme’s footer section.

Note Make sure to backup your template or theme before attempting any steps given below. As in case of some problem you can easily get everything back.

Manually Remove Malicious Links

The manual way can be little bit tricky for any newbie blogger or theme inspector but still its worth to attempt as it will surely boost your website’s seo.

  1. Go to Wordpress Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Editor.
  3. Now open Footer.php
  4. Now just scroll to bottom and check out for links pointing to external websites, if these are in the normal html language than you can just check out the website and if you think that the website is not good than you can easily remove that link.
  5. Now the creator might have even encoded the code in JavaScript format hence making it non understandable, well you can easily check that out as this code starts with base and than it continues with strings of alphanumeric digits.
  6. So you can check for that stuff and remove them accordingly, after you have removed and saved your theme just check if your website is working perfectly.

Note usually the code is added in the footer section but other section like header.php and fuctions.php can also be the place for these links.

Automatically Remove Malicious Links

TAC-wordpress-pluginMany new bloggers will think twice before editing there theme as they can ruin the whole template, well for those there is a nice and simple to use plugin called "TAC" (Theme Authenticity Checker) that can simply scan the whole theme and show you the links in simple and encoded format.

  1. Simply visit your Wordpress plugins page and install TAC plugin.
  2. Now navigate to Appearance > TAC
  3. Now you will see your themes you have used on your blog with the TAC report of any outgoing link detected on that theme.
  4. Now it will even display the path of any encoded link found in that theme, so it is easier for you to check and remove them from your theme.

So now you can easily remove bad links from your wordpress blog and save yourself from google updates killing your traffic, if you find any problem do comment.