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28 December 2012

Now Get Details about Stranger through his Name or Number


Well yes you heard it right, many times you get calls from strange numbers you don't even know and yet they try to advertise some products or maybe they are your friends trying to do a prank with you, well so you always think that if you has some technology to see who is really calling from that number or who owns that number.

Well now you can do all that stuff as a free app called "TrueCaller" is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Well this app syncs everything from your contacts and provide it globally to everyone searching that number or name. So its like a give and get feature, you give something globally and receive something globally.

Search Name, Number, Address with TrueCaller

So now with this app you can search for anyone's number, name or address, so if it finds any information it will display who owns that number + what telecom service he is using. So this can be amazing if you have some hint about the number you can pump in that and it will show you the name of the party who owns that number so than you can add him or her or even call them.

Now in the Android version they even show the name for stranger when any call comes, that's stuff is not available for iOS devices yet but maybe soon in future it will be available. So if any number is globally blocked or blacklisted than it will show that number is blacklisted and maybe that person could be fake.

So overall this turned to be pretty useful in terms of searching and maintaining your contacts so now you can get this as an app for Android Devices, iOS Devices, Blackberry, Symbian Devices and even the best part is you can lookup for any number right on their website without any phone but that needs you to sign in with your Facebook or any other social account not a big deal.

So now visit their website, navigate to download page and install this app on your phone or you can make a search on their homepage. Have fun using this app and do comment if you find any problem :)