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25 January 2013

Megaupload Service is Back with New Avatar

So earlier due to copyright issues and many FBI raids Megaupload and other uploading websites were taken down, some sites automatically gave up their uploading service and only allowed people to purchase and upload sincere files without any copyright issues. So Megaupload was charged for copyright charges and much more and its CEO was arrested, well but after that their were many rumors that Megaupload will come back soon, and his creator even uploaded many messages online stating that he will surely get back all those services. Well and we even came across the rumor about accessing Megaupload using IP address as they did not have any name after the complaints.

So now Kim Dotcom the creator of Megaupload has come up with a new avatar of Megaupload that's redesigned much more preciously and gives that same easier way to upload your files and share them with your friends and family. Now Kim has even teased an earlier version Mega called "MegaBox" that was uploaded at his own personal website. So now he has come up with the final working version of his website.

So the superior and new version Megaupload that was used by millions of people to upload their files is now live and is working pretty perfect. So now the best part again about this uploading service is that you can upload anything being anonymous, so there is not need to create an account or sign in to your account before uploading files, you just need to visit their website and drag your files to get them uploaded.

Now the advantage of creating your personal free account is that you will get free 50GB storage + you can manage your files easily. So if you wanna share some folder that you have created you will need to register to do that, as you won't see any sharing folder feature until you signup at their website. Interface

Well the interface is totally redesigned and looks awesome, the graphics they are using is pretty outstanding, everything is simple to use and works great, you can easily create folders store your files, drag your files to trash can to delete them and much more. Downloading

Well now Mega is much more secure, its has pretty limitations on downloading so its not like certain download limit is there but it's a secure key system, so if you just pass the download link to your person without that key attached to that file than he needs to enter that key to unlock the file and get download started check below screenshot.

So if you pass him the direct link that the download will start on the go but still it needs some time to prepare the download, and there is another bad part that you cannot download files using IDM or other download managers, as it will download in your browsers inbuilt downloader. So that's another little bad part about this service.

Well overall it's a good service and hope this time it does not get into copyright issues, so possibly it will rule again as the king in uploading world bypassing heights of Mediafire with its big file size limit. So have fun using this service and do comment if you think their needs to be some correction in this post.