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27 January 2013

How to get zBigz Valid Premium Account for Free Easily

Well you might be knowing about zBigz as it is used widely to download torrents through IDM or other download managers. Well it simply packs up every torrent download into a zip package that you can download fast using any download manager. Well but obviously there are some limitations on using there service as free person, so premium account is must if you are a regular and ultimate torrent downloader.

So I have found an easy official way of getting free premium zBigz account and that too valid for days you choose yourself. So now its like completing an offer on their website and getting account valid for few days, so the big offer you complete you get account free for more days, but I came through an easy offer that I think you can complete and you can even get a nice free premium account for free.

Complete Offer & Get Free zBigz Premium Account

Well yes now obviously you have to do something, if you are getting things officially, now don't get panic its not like ann survey what you do on ShareCash but its an easy offers that can be completed and you will surely get free account.

  1. Visit & click on Premium is Off button on top.
  2. Now you will see a popup with options for paying for premium account, just click the last option Premium for Free.
  3. So now as you can see they have some offer's, check every offer, its details, so if you feel comfortable doing one just complete that and you will be awarded with free account.
  4. But now specially for Indians if you view these offer you will surely see some Indian Websites listed, well I came across offer to just create their genuine account and get free 4 days premium zBigz account.
  5. So now just create a valid account as mentioned in their offer, but obviously by clicking through their link and then you will get free account easily.

So now I hope this will surely get a nice free valid premium account for, if you face any problem do comment below.