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13 February 2013

Now Get Combined Social Networks Notification's Easily


primary.popupEverytime you are surfing some social network website like Facebook, Google+ or any other you normally receive notifications as soon as someone comments on you post, someone likes your image or you know do pretty much anything these notification tries to keep you awake every time. But you need to sign in everyday to get these notification from different social networks you are available on or you have friends on.

So now to overcome this problem an easy way has been developed by, well they have designed a chrome extension that will combine all your notifications from different social networks right into one and display them as you are browsing just one network at a time with everything available right over there.


So now Chime simply aggregates notifications from across the web combining Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Gmail and many more mentioned in the image above. So now this is currently available as an extension and that too only for Chrome, maybe its being developed for other browsers too but you might have to wait till its processed.

So now just grab this extension for free by visiting the link on the right, so now just install the extension and then it will automatically try to capture all the accounts signed in but if you need to manually add some accounts then you can click on its icon and sign in with that account, so its really easy.